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Create and manage garment technical documents. Communicate the technical or color requirements to the team leader and lab coordinator. Work in collaboration with the packaging manager.

Major Responsibilities

Create technical documents with garment and/or packaging details 

Create black and white technical sketches for all the styles and add additional details (pictures, close up sketches) for clarification if necessary

Prepare packing toolkit with final information for factory proposal 

Collect information on packaging, make care label instructions and folding information 

Answer all technical questions pertaining to the development process

Work closely with packaging director  

Validate the package with its contents and take the necessary actions to execute the project 

Follow the progression of a project with the supplier and internal department 

Qualifications/ Qualities

3-5 years of experience in the apparel industry or DEC in fashion related program

Technical eye


Team Worker

Proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Excel, Photoshop 

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